HOW TO VOTE ABSENTEE – UDPATED 03/20/2020 3:25pm

The following link lists, in printable format, the options available to you if you wish to absentee vote: Absentee Voting Request Options.

The options are repeated below.

  1. Complete an application at We will automatically receive the request and mail you a ballot.
  2. Vote in the Clerk’s Office. This is best done by appointment so we can minimize the number of people in office at any one time. Call us at (920) 693-8181 to schedule an appointment.
  3. Send an email stating your name, physical address, and asking that a ballot be mailed to you for the April 7, 2020, election. Be sure to include your mailing address if it is different than your physical address. We will mail you the ballot.
  4. Download an absentee ballot application form from the Village website at Place it in the Village Hall drop box or mail it to us at PO Box 87, Cleveland WI 53015. We will mail you the ballot.


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