Building and Land Use

Due to the volume of requests being presented, it is recommended an applicant for a building permit allow a minimum of TEN business days from the time an application is dropped off until approval; FIFTEEN business days for home additions, new homes, and commercial or institutional projects.

Common projects which require a permit include window replacements; shingling/reroofing; fireplaces; new installation, replacement, or repair of decks and patios; installation or repair of portable buildings; razing (removing) part or all of any structure; new installation, replacement, or repair of flagpoles, fountains, ponds, pools, or spas; new or replacement cabinets; adding or replacing wiring; kitchen and bath remodeling; and fence construction or repair.

Driveways require a permit if they are new, widened or relocated; if they are upgraded from gravel or asphalt to concrete; or if a culvert is replaced.

It is STRONGLY recommended that applicants for projects involving new buildings, building expansions, or changes in use schedule a meeting with Village staff early in the planning process.

For inspections or inquiries on one- and two-family building code requirements, contact Building Inspector Paul Hermes at (920) 858-0102.


Building Permit Application (PDF)

Application to Repair Utilities in the Right-of-Way (PDF)


Many site plan and land use applications (rezonings, conditional uses, or accessory structure modifications) and certified survey maps require Plan Commission review and recommendation or approval.  The Plan Commission meets the first Wednesday of every month except January and July.  The filing deadlines are provided on the Commission’s annual calendar.


Site Plan Information – $50 filing fee – Site Plan Project Checklist / Site Plan Detail Sheet / Site Plan Application

Petition for Rezoning (PDF) – $300 filing fee plus cost of publication

Application for Conditional Use Permit (PDF) – $300 filing fee plus cost of publication

Accessory Structure Modification – Applicants requesting modification or waiver of one or more zoning requirements for accessory structures should submit in writing a detailed explanation for the request and supporting documentation to the Clerk’s Office.  The filing fee is $50.

LAND DIVISIONS – Plats and Surveys, included Certified Survey Maps

Map and Plat Review Application (PDF) – Refer to form for fee.  Fees vary by type of land division.