Village President’s Message

Welcome warmer weather and after the cold spring, it is nice to see so many people outdoors enjoying it. I often joke to newcomers to “wave to everyone” because we wave to each other in Cleveland, but more often than not it really is true. It is simple things like this that give Cleveland the small town charm and make us feel at home!

We have a beautiful lakefront park and beach area for all to enjoy. Please enjoy the new pedestrian bridge and the park to the North. Be mindful of the public works area and residences to the north and south and their private properties when enjoying Hika Park. There have been a few small improvements to Veterans Park including adding a handicap accessible path from the east parking lot to help make the park easier for all to enjoy.

As president, the majority of the complaints that I receive have something to do with how properties are maintained in the Village. Concerns range from uncut lawns, outdoor storage of items to vehicles that appear inoperable.   Village ordinances require basic maintenance and upkeep of properties and are enforceable by the police department. Look around your house and clear out any extra items you have stored outside that no longer work or you no longer use. You could sell, dispose, recycle or donate them to a local charity. If you still have uses for the items find a spot to store them in your garage, basement or rent a storage unit. Also, remember to cut your lawn on a regular basis and make sure to stop the spread of any noxious weeds. When cutting your lawn, please do not blow the grass clippings into the street as it can clog the storm sewers. Thanks for your help in keeping the Village looking beautiful!

I look forward to seeing you around the village this summer at the Fishing Derby, Dairyland Festival or at the ball park for the many baseball and softball games this summer. Or maybe just a wave as I see you out and about.

Village President
(920) 693-3201