Village President’s Message

There is a lot happening in our village.

The new Christmas decorations will be up in early December. Thank you to those who have already donated. If you pledged funds and have not paid, please drop off your donation in the payment box at village hall. We are still in need of donations. If you would like to help, make checks payable to Village of Cleveland and please note that it is a donation to the Christmas decoration fund.

The pedestrian bridge at Hika Park has been installed. The former dam impoundment has taken many grant cycles to restore, and the bridge is the latest phase. The village is fortunate to work with Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership for planning and grant assistance to make these safety and aesthetic improvements a reality. Please enjoy the park on the North side of the creek but keep in mind that public parking is on the South side of the creek and there is no parking in the public works garage parking lot. Also, be mindful that there is no public access to the public works garage area and residents’ private property to the North and South of the park. There is ample area to enjoy the beautiful lakefront within the park boundaries.

The water utility recently applied for a water rate increase with the Public Service Commission (PSC). The PSC takes many factors into account in setting the water rates for the village. The last rate case was completed in 1998 and the total requested was $61,653. The village board has committed to offsetting the water rate increase through, at minimum, a reduction in the sewer rates. After the loan for the sewer treatment plant was paid, we have been focused on the many maintenance projects that had been deferred because of lack of funds. It has taken the board many years to rebound from the decades-old operating deficits in our water and sewer utilities and we feel strongly about the track we are on for a more secure financial future.

Kathy Stolzmann
Village President