The Village is updating the Hika Park Master Plan.  Various stakeholder groups recommended multiple improvements of varying cost and community impact.  The Plan Commission has opened the process to the general public for comment, prior to recommending a revised Master Plan to the Village Board.

Your input is vital–some of these changes are significant in scope and cost, and the Commission looks forward to your input.  Follow this link for more information and to take the survey: Hika Park Master Plan Survey.

November 19, 2020
Stacy Grunwald, Director of Village Services


Water Quality May be Affected

The water tower was filled over November 20, 2020, and November 21, 2020, after being empty for about 3 months for cleaning and maintenance.  This water will not enter general distribution until it has sat for 24 hours, and then passed two successive bacteria tests.  Even then, the water quality in the tower may demand that we drain and refill the tower one more time.  This process will take days, during which the Village may experience intermittent reduced water quality due to the disturbance of water in the distribution system while the tower was filled (and possibly again if refilled.)

Residents are recommended to check their water quality prior to normal daily activities, and to open a tap until the water runs clear if there are particulates.

Please be patient while we work through the process.  We understand the frustration and are trying to move this forward with as little inconvenience as possible! 

The Public Works Department will start hydrant flushing soon after, an important maintenance activity for the distribution system which was delayed while the tower was offline.  Notices will be posted in the Village and on the website prior to the start of flushing. 

Stacy Grunwald, Director of Public Works


Village Hall Remains Closed

Appearing in Municipal Court?
Court sessions have been moved to the VFW, 1221 Park Ln.

The Village of Cleveland relies upon the Manitowoc Co. Health Dept. for health services.  Monitor the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website and the Manitowoc County website for their recommended responses to the pandemic.  In addition, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services provides suggestions to protect your health plus great data on the number of current cases, tests, and patient recoveries in Wisconsin.

The Village Board is watching developments at all levels of government.  Its directive to close Village Hall remains in place.  Effective July 1, the Village Board opened park buildings and playgrounds.    These decisions are visited regularly by the Village Board.  Watch this website for updates as the situation progresses.


Anyone wishing to reserve a park or the VFW Clubhouse for an event must submit a COVID-19 Maintenance Plan for Public Safety Committee review and Village Board approval. Requests should be placed in the drop box outside the Village Hall front door or emailed to jrusch@clevelandwi.gov.  Your submittal must be received at least one week prior to a Public Safety Committee meeting, which are held on the first Thursday of each month.  The Committee will send it to the Village Board meeting, which are held on the third Tuesday of each month.

Please check the table for filing deadlines in 2020: Park Reservation COVID-19 Submittal Deadlines 2020


All Village business will be conducted via Village Hall drop box, email, mail, telephone, or electronic meeting, except for publicly-noticed meetings of a governmental body.

Village Staff will answer phone calls during normal business hours of 10am-12noon, 12:30pm-4pm, Monday through Thursday.

Contact the Village at 920-693-8181 ext. 101 or sgrunwald@clevelandwi.gov if you believe your situation requires an in-person meeting.

PLEASE USE THE DROP BOX for all licensing, permits, and payment drops.

PAY ONLINE at www.clevelandwi.gov/payments.

Stacy Grunwald
Director of Village Services

Updated July 8, 2020, 8:20am


DO NOT ENTER the Village Hall if you are unwell or have been exposed to someone who is unwell.

PAYMENTS.  Payments can be placed in the drop box outside the Village Hall front door or made online on the PAYMENTS PAGE of this website.  A receipt for a drop box payment will be mailed or emailed upon request.

DOG LICENSES.  Rabies certificates can be emailed or placed in the drop box.  License fees can be placed in the drop box or paid online on the PAYMENTS PAGE of this website.  The dog license will be mailed to you.  Please leave a telephone number or email to reach you if there is a problem with the license materials.

BUILDING PERMITS.  Building permit applications can be placed in the drop box, mailed to Village Hall, or emailed to krodewald@clevelandwi.gov.  Permit fees can be placed in the drop box or paid online on the PAYMENTS PAGE of this website.  The approved permit card will be mailed, emailed, or faxed to you.

VILLAGE HALL ACCESS.  Call (920) 693-8181 ext. 101 and leave a message if you believe your situation requires an in-person meeting.  Leave your name, the purpose for the visit and a telephone number or email address to contact you.

POLICE AND COURT.  Police Officers are following their regular schedule to handle emergencies and respond to complaints.  Other staff in the Cleveland Police Department and Municipal Court offices are available for non-emergency business by phone, email, or fax.  Please call (920) 693-3442 or email police@clevelandwi.gov OR court@clevelandwi.gov

Dated March 18, 2020. Updated April 7, 2020; April 10, 2020.
Stacy Grunwald, Director of Village Services