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  October 30th, 2016 4-6pm 

President’s Message

Welcome warmer weather!

As we see people out and about the Village, this can serve as a reminder to keep your yard looking nice. Village ordinances require basic maintenance and upkeep of properties.  Cut your lawn on a regular basis and make sure to stop the spread of any noxious weeds.  Garbage pickup is on Mondays and garbage cans can only be out 24 hours before and after garbage pickup.  Also, look around the outside of your house and clean up any extra items you have stored outside and no longer work or you no longer use. You could sell, dispose, or recycle them, or donate to a local charity.  If you still have a use for it find a spot to store it in your garage, shed or basement.  Do a little clean up to keep your neighborhood and the Village looking good.

The new Village website at www.clevelandwi.gov is continually being updated with useful information, bookmark it today. You will find everything from office hours, contacts, meeting minutes, park rules, park rental information, building permit information and yard waste hours to village history…and much more.

A warm welcome to the new Village Trustees elected in April. Jake Holzwart was born and raised in Cleveland and lives here with his wife and daughter. Robert Fink and his wife retired to Cleveland when the lake drew them here, along with all our small town has to offer. Andy Williams was reelected as trustee and joins Nick Jaeger, John Ader and Joel Roehrig, who are presently serving on the Village Board. I want to thank them all and the many citizen members of the committees and commissions for their time and expertise. They along with our knowledgeable staff are dedicated and good to work with.

I’m proud to call Cleveland home!

President, Village of Cleveland