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 President’s Message

Thank you to the village staff and village board for successfully working together on the 2017 budget. We brainstormed to find ways to keep costs down while maintaining services to our residents. It was tough working with a levy limit of just over one-half of one percent. The board has expressed interest in finding ways to grow the village and its tax base.  Fortunately we have a couple of new homes under construction and have interest from a few businesses in coming to Cleveland or expanding their current business here. But costs are rising and revenue is down. We saw a rise in our garbage, recycling and insurance costs, and our volunteer fire department contract cost, and a new fee from our ambulance service. I am thankful that our village has a group that is creative and found ways, once again, to function with less. Thank them when you see them around town!

The village has received many complaints on wildlife and residents feeding deer, feral cats and other wildlife. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to feed wildlife other than birds in a bird feeder in the village. Please be courteous to your neighbors that are having their property destroyed by these animals.

As we approach winter, please remember that our snowplow drivers are doing their best to get to everyone as fast as they can. Be patient and know that eventually they will get to your road, too. Also, be reminded to keep fire hydrants on your property clear of snow.

Keep warm,

Kathy Stolzmann, Village President