For residents who received a notice to complete their 10-year well permit renewal, there is a list of licensed well drillers and pump installers on the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources website:  https://dnr.wisconsin.gov/topic/Wells/contacts.html.




Walk-In Hours at Village Hall
    Mondays, 10am-2pm
    Thursdays, 10am-2pm

The cost is $20 to license an unaltered dog, $10 if dog is spayed or neutered, plus $10 late fee if licensed on or after April 1. 

Payment can be made by cash in person, or by echeck or credit card at www.clevelandwi.gov/payments through our vendor, Payment Services Network (PSN). There is a service fee charged by PSN.  An appointment to license in person outside walk-in hours can be scheduled at 9206938181 or by email, village@clevelandwi.govValid rabies vaccination certificate must be on file or submitted with the payment to receive a license.


Curbside Pickup is


DIDN’T RECEIVE THE GFL CARTS?  Call the Clerk’s Office at (920) 693-8181 with your name and address, and which cart or carts are missing.

Contact information to discuss delivery or service issues, ask questions, or report a damaged cart:

GFL Environmental
(920) 687-2631


Did you know permits are available to crossbow or bow and arrow hunt in the Village? 

This program is managed by the Cleveland Police Department.  Feel free to reach out to them with questions: 920-693-3442 or police@clevelandwi.gov.  The application is available below.


Posted October 13, 2022


10am to 2pm

All Other Times by APPOINTMENT
call (920) 693-8181 or email village@clevelandwi.gov


There are several technologies on the market that allow water meters to be read without an operator entering the home or business to access the meter directly.  The Village currently utilizes two systems–a remote outside meter attached to the building exterior and connected by wire to the meter inside; and transmitters (or ‘endpoints’), which emit a radio signal that in most cases can be picked up by a handheld data collector while the operator remains in the vehicle or walks nearby.  Both of these systems represent old technology in our modern computerized world.

With vendor support ending for the remote units and reading software, forcing an upgrade, the Village Board authorized the purchase and installation of endpoints that rely on cellular technology.  The chosen system has a strong track record in other municipalities and an expected life of 20 years.  These upgrades will be made to all properties so each one will use the same endpoint technology, data collection, and software system.  This eliminates extra support and maintenance expenses and reduces staff time working with two systems.  It also allows the Village Board to proactively plan its next upgrades.

Public Works staff intend to change out all 5/8″ meters (used in residences and small businesses) within three years, or 600+ meters.

The first meters to be replaced are those installed prior to January 1, 2014, that must have the gallons read by the operator from a remote attached to a building exterior.  If there is no outside remote used at your property, your meter is not included in this round of upgrades and there is no need to schedule a meter change appointment.

Utility customers may experience an increased bill after the upgrade.  This is a one-time adjustment.  As the outside remote ages, the internal wheels can slow down, resulting in a discrepancy between the gallons that flow through the meter and the reading outside.  Billing should return to normal with the next bill.  In addition, summer sewer rates ended after the September meter reading.  The November bill was the first with regular rates.  Some customers may be realizing adjustments for both the return to regular sewer rates and the meter change.

Call the Clerk’s Office at 920-693-8181 if you would like your account reviewed or if billing does not return to normal.

This is an immense project and we ask for your support and assistance.  Please reply promptly if you receive a letter.  Our target is to be 80% complete with this group of meters before year-end.  Thank you!

Stacy Grunwald
Director of Village Services
Updated December 8, 2022

Masks are OPTIONAL at
VFW and All Park Facilities


UTILITY PAYMENTS.  Payments can be placed in the drop box outside the Village Hall front door, made online on the PAYMENTS PAGE of this website, or paid in person.  A receipt for a drop box payment will be mailed or emailed upon request.  Do not combine utility payments with any other type of payment.

DOG LICENSES.  Rabies vaccination certificates can be emailed or placed in the drop box.  License fees can be placed in the drop box or paid online on the PAYMENTS PAGE of this website.  The cost is $20 to license an unaltered dog, $10 to license a spayed or neutered dog, plus $10 late fee if licensed on or after April 1.  You can pay in person or have the dog license mailed to you once a valid certificate and fee are on file in the Clerk’s office.  Please leave a telephone number or email to reach you if there is a problem with the license materials.  Do not combine dog license fees with any other type of payment. 

BUILDING PERMITS.  Building permit applications can be placed in the drop box, mailed to Village Hall, emailed to village@clevelandwi.gov, or dropped off in person.  Permit fees can be placed in the drop box, paid in person, or paid online on the PAYMENTS PAGE of this website.  The approved permit card can be picked up or will be mailed, emailed, or faxed to you.  Do not combine building permit fees with any other type of payment.

VILLAGE HALL ACCESS.  Call (920) 693-8181 ext. 101 and leave a message if you wish to schedule an in-person meeting with staff.  Leave your name, the purpose for the visit and a telephone number or email address to contact you.  DO NOT ENTER the Village Hall if you are unwell or have been exposed to someone who is unwell.

POLICE AND COURT.  Police Officers are following their regular schedule to handle emergencies and respond to complaints.  Other staff in the Cleveland Police Department and Municipal Court offices are available for non-emergency business by phone, email, or fax.  Please call (920) 693-3442 or email police@clevelandwi.gov OR court@clevelandwi.gov.  Appearing in Court?  Court sessions are held at the Cleveland Village Hall.