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The appointment is not final until you receive confirmation.  Please leave an accurate telephone number or email address as a means of confirming the appointment and to notify you if the operator is delayed or the appointment must be rescheduled.


There are several technologies on the market that allow water meters to be read without an operator entering the home or business to access the meter directly.  The Village currently utilizes two systems–a remote outside meter attached to the building exterior and connected by wire to the meter inside; and transmitters (or ‘endpoints’), which emit a radio signal that in most cases can be picked up by a handheld data collector while the operator remains in the vehicle or walks nearby.  Both of these systems represent old technology in our modern computerized world.

With vendor support ending for the remote units and reading software, forcing an upgrade, the Village Board authorized the purchase and installation of endpoints that rely on cellular technology.  The chosen system has a strong track record in other municipalities and an expected life of 20 years.  These upgrades will be made to all properties so each one will use the same endpoint technology, data collection, and software system.  This eliminates extra support and maintenance expenses and reduces staff time working with two systems.  It also allows the Village Board to proactively plan its next upgrades.

Public Works staff intend to change out all 5/8″ meters (used in residences and small businesses) within three years, or 600+ meters, beginning in 2023.

The first meters to be replaced are those installed prior to January 1, 2014, that must have the gallons read by the operator from a remote attached to a building exterior.  If there is no outside remote used at your property, your meter is not included in this round of upgrades and there is no need to schedule a meter change appointment.

Utility customers may experience an increased bill after the upgrade.  This is a one-time adjustment.  As the outside remote ages, the internal wheels can slow down, resulting in a discrepancy between the gallons that flow through the meter and the reading outside.  Billing should return to normal with the next bill.  In addition, summer sewer rates ended after the September meter reading.  The November bill was the first with regular rates.  Some customers may be realizing adjustments for both the return to regular sewer rates and the meter change.

Call the Clerk’s Office at 920-693-8181 if you would like your account reviewed or if billing does not return to normal.

Stacy Grunwald
Director of Village Services

Different Ways to Pay Your Water/Sewer Bill—

E-Check and Credit Card

Visit the PAYMENTS page of this website for a link to our third party provider.

Utility Auto-Pay Available (ACH Agreement)

Are you interested in automatic payment of your monthly water/sewer bills?  Complete the Authorization Agreement and, once approved, the bank will automatically withdraw the amount of the water/sewer bill from your designated account on the bill’s due date.  All you need to do is maintain a sufficient balance to cover the withdrawal.  No more checks to write.  No more payments late through the mail.  No more forgetting to leave the payment in the drop box!  Questions? Please call Julie or Stacy at (920) 693-8181.

Deferred Payment Agreement

To pay the balance of a water/sewer bill in installments, download and complete this Deferred Payment Agreement (PDF).  Return the form to the Clerk’s Office by drop box or mail.  We will contact you if there are questions, or mail a copy of the approved form back to you.


On December 7, 2023, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin approved an application filed by the Cleveland Water Utility to increase water rates. (NOTE: This approval does not affect Sewer Utility rates, which will not change.)  The increase is necessary due to a 74.17 percent increase in gross plant investment and a 59.01 percent increase in operating expenses since the last water rate case was completed in 2017.  The needs addressed by the utility include:

  • Water meter endpoints are being upgraded to a cellular-based service. The vendor ended support for the old meter endpoints, making the upgrade necessary.
  • The logic systems for the water and sewer utilities were original equipment and had to be replaced due to age as manufacturers were no longer providing parts and support. The utilities installed a SCADA system that allows communication between multiple sites, including the water tower and both wells. Now the utilities can respond to emergency pages, address issues with function, monitor performance, and make operational changes remotely. Costs for the system are shared with the sewer utility.
  • Much of the water main in the Village is ±60 years old. The utility therefore replaced water main and other utility infrastructure as part of the street reconstruction projects completed in 2020, 2022, and 2023. This reduces the risk of main failure and minimizes opening streets for repairs, extending the life of our streets. The water utility is only paying project costs related to water utility infrastructure.
  • The utility will fill a multi-year vacancy in a full-time public works/utility operator position due to Manitowoc Public Utilities choosing to end an emergency services agreement; and a full-time office position in response to recommendations from utility customers for service improvements. Both positions will perform additional duties that cannot be completed at current staffing levels. Costs for both positions are shared with the village and sewer utility.

The total increase in water revenues requested is $228,245 which will result in an estimated overall rate increase of 65.96 percent over the water utility’s present revenues. If the request is granted, the water bill for an average residential customer with a ⅝-inch or ¾-inch meter who uses 3,000 gallons of water per month will increase from $37.54 to $62.92, or 67.62 percent, including the public fire protection charge.

To access the application and other information from the PSC’s docket, go to the Commission’s web site at http://psc.wi.gov, select the dropdown menu labeled ‘eServices”. Select the item labeled “Docket Search (CMS)”. On the next page enter 1180-WR-106 in the spaces labeled “Case #” and select “Search”.

If you have any questions, please contact the Cleveland Water Utility at (920) 693-8181.

Water Rate Case Application
PSC Staff Analysis
PSC Cost of Service Analysis
PSC Final Decision 12-07-2023

Water and Sewer Utility Rates

Water and Sewer Utility Rates Effective 02-28-2024
Water and Sewer Utility Rates Effective 01-27-2022
Water and Sewer Utility Rates Effective 01-27-2021
Water and Sewer Utility Rates Effective 12-27-2019
Water and Sewer Utility Rates Effective 12-26-2017

Consumer Confidence Reports

Village employees work hard to maintain a safe and reliable water system, as evidenced by our monthly and annual reporting to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  The Consumer Confidence Report provides results of the water testing completed by independent laboratories on behalf of the Village.  We are pleased to report water quality testing confirmed the safety of our water supply, as shown on the report.

2022 Consumer Confidence Report (PDF)
2021 Consumer Confidence Report (PDF)
2020 Consumer Confidence Report (PDF)
2019 Consumer Confidence Report (PDF)
2018 Consumer Confidence Report (PDF)
2017 Consumer Confidence Report (PDF)
2016 Consumer Confidence Report (PDF)