Utility Auto-Pay Available

Are you interested in automatic payment of your monthly water/sewer bills?  Complete the Authorization Agreement and, once approved, the bank will automatically withdraw the amount of the water/sewer bill from your designated account on the bill’s due date.  All you need to do is maintain a sufficient balance to cover the withdrawal.  No more checks to write.  No more payments late through the mail.  No more forgetting to leave the payment in the drop box!  Questions? Please call the Village Hall at 920-693-8181.

Deferred Payment Agreement

To pay the balance of a water/sewer bill in installments, download and complete this Deferred Payment Agreement (PDF).

Payment by Credit Card, Debit Card, or E-Check

The Village of Cleveland is now able to accept E-check, credit card and debit card payments through Payment Services Network, an online payment service. If you would like to make a payment to the Village of Cleveland, you now have the option of online convenience at minimal cost.

A service fee is required at the time of payment.  The cost varies with the type and amount of payment, but it will be provided prior to final authorization.

Payments can be made using any of the following:

Click on the Business ID code below for the type of payment you wish to make:

 Business ID Type of Account
RT24010 Utility Payment (Water and Sewer Utilities only)
RT24011 Citation Payment for Cleveland Municipal Court
RT24012 Miscellaneous (not available at Village Hall terminal)
RT24013 Real Estate Taxes (first installment only)
RT24014 Park or VFW Clubhouse Rental 
RT24015 Building Permits/Zoning Fees
RT24016 Licensing (dogs, alcohol, transient housing)








To register, or make payment without registering, the following information will need to be entered:

Business Name = Village of Cleveland
Business City = Cleveland
Business State = WI


Please contact PSN with questions related to this service: 1-866-917-7368.

Late Payment Fees

Review the Village’s Late Payment Policy (PDF) for information on charges when payments are not made to the Village on time.

Returned Payment/NSF Fees

Review the Village’s General Fees and Charges (PDF) for information on Returned Checks, Rejected Payments, NSF Fees.