Park Information

Park Regulations

Park Hours: 6:00 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Littering Prohibited: No person shall litter, dump, or deposit any rubbish, refuse, earth or other material in any park.

Dumpsters: A dumpster is no longer provided in the parks, except Veteran’s Park. Proper disposal of garbage is required.

Glass Beverage Bottles in Parks Prohibited: No person shall possess any glass beverage bottle within the limits of the village parks.

Motorized Vehicles: No person shall operate an unlicensed or licensed motorized vehicle outside of areas specifically designated as parking areas or areas where the operation of such vehicles is specifically permitted.

15 MPH Speed Limit: No person shall operate any vehicle in a village park in excess of 15 m.p.h. unless otherwise posted.

Reckless Driving in Parks Prohibited: No person shall operate a motor vehicle in a reckless manner in any of the public parks.

Parking in Parks: No person shall park any motor vehicle in any village park except in a designated parking area.

Sound Systems: No person shall operate or play any amplifying system unless specific authority is obtained from the Village Board.

Sign Posting: No person shall post, paste, fasten, paint, or attach any placard, bill, notice, sign or advertising matter upon any structure, tree or other natural object in any park.

Removal of Park Equipment Prohibited: No person shall remove benches, seats, tables or other park equipment from any park.

Throwing Stones and Missiles Prohibited: No person shall throw stones or other missiles in or into any park.

Fires: No person shall start, tend or maintain a fire except in personal grills or designated fireplaces. Personal grills shall be used only in designated areas, provided vegetation is not endangered. Unburned fuel and ashes shall be disposed of in such a manner as to prevent fire or damage to any park property.

Pets: No person shall permit any dog, cat or other pet owned by him to run at large in any park.

Protection of Wildlife & Property: No person shall kill, injure, disturb or attempt to disturb waterfowl, birds, or other wild or domestic animals within any park. No person shall climb any tree, remove flowers or fruit, or break, cut down, trample upon, remove, or in any manner injure, deface, write upon or ill-use any tree, shrub, flower, flower bed, turf, soil, sand, fountain, ornament, building, structure, apparatus, bench, table, official notice, sign, or other property within any park or any of the facilities.

Park Reservations

All parks host occasional or ongoing events for which reservations are not required. You are encouraged to check with the Clerk’s office by emailing with the subject of “Park Availability” or by calling Village Hall at (920) 693-8181 to determine whether the park you are reserving will be used the same evening for regularly scheduled ball games or other events.

Park Reservation Application (PDF)

Park reservation fee and deposit

Total Fee Refundable
Resident $150 $100
Non-Resident $200 $100




Amplifying System Application (PDF)