Street Projects

Linden St, south of W Washington Ave to Wildwood Ln
Maple St, south of W Washington Ave. to Park Ln
W Washington Ave, west from Westview St to Village boundary

North Ave, Dairyland Dr to I-43
Westview St, from North Ave south to the south driveway at Bonde’s
Westview St, from North Ave north to I-43 (tentative) delayed

2023 Street Projects – Engineered Drawings (DRAFT – NOT FOR BID RELEASE)
Construction Timeline – Construction Timeline (06/02/23 DRAFT – TENTATIVE SCHEDULE)
Construction Flyer – Information for Property Owners

Preliminary Special Assessment Report – 2023 Street Projects (W Washington Ave table corrected 04-27-23)
Tables from Preliminary Special Assessment Report, reformatted for easier reading
Linden St Special Assessment Table
Maple St Special Assessment Table
W Washington Ave Special Assessment Table

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2022 Street Projects
Final Special Assessment Report
Beech St, Birch St, Cherry Hill Dr, Citrus Ln, and E Jefferson Ave

PASER is a rating system that classifies the condition of each street section in the Village using a State-defined system.  The Village Board hired Donohue & Associates in 2015 to prepare a report using the PASER classification system.  That report is provided below.  The ratings from the report were entered in the statewide PASER database and are updated biannually; the updated numbers are used to prioritize streets for maintenance, repair, rehabilitation, or reconstruction.  Streets that require rehabilitation or reconstruction are added to the Capital Improvement Plan.

2015 PASER Rating Report
Special Assessment Policy

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