Pools, Pool Decks and Outdoor Spas

The Village Board approved an updated Pool Ordinance in May 2018.  The old ordinance required every pool owner to get a permit if the pool could hold water at a depth of 30 inches or more, and install fencing or some other barrier around the pool.  The new ordinance focuses on the permanent or temporary nature of the pool.

A Pool Permit is required for:
›  Permanent above-ground pools
›  In-ground pools
›  Public pools (any pool operated for financial gain) — Public pools are not allowed in residential or agricultural zoning
›  Outdoor spas
Pools removed seasonally for indoor storage within eight (8) months of setup are defined as temporary pools. No pool permit is required to install a temporary pool.

All pools and spas, regardless of whether temporary or permanent, must follow the same basic regulations:

  1. A pool or spa cannot be placed in a front yard.
  2. Pools, spas, and decks must be set back from the property line ten (10) feet or the distance required for accessory structures in the underlying zoning district, whichever is greater.  They also must be set back from a private well as required by Ch. SPS 383 of the Wisconsin Administrative Code.
  3. Pools, other than spas, must be located at least four (4) feet from any wall, fence, or structure.
  4. Water cannot be drained onto a neighbor’s property.
  5. Pool equipment must be shielded or placed in a protective barrier so it does not create a nuisance or noise problem.
  6. Lights cannot glare onto a neighbor’s property or in a right-of-way.
  7. All electrical installations associated with a pool or spa must be performed by a licensed electrical contractor.
  8. A pool or spa and everything associated with it must be kept clean and in a sanitary condition.

There are additional regulations for pools and spas requiring a permit.

9.  A fence or other solid structure at least 3½ feet tall shall completely enclose the premises or pool.
10.  No opening in the fence or solid structure can be greater than six (6) inches square.
11.  All gates or doors must have self-closing mechanisms.
12.  Latches must be at least three (3) feet above the ground, accessible deck, or stairs.

A fence is not required around a temporary pool; an above-ground pool with an ASTM FI346-91 dome or lockable cover; or an above-ground pool with a pool wall at least 3½ feet above grade for the full perimeter of the pool. NOTE the finished grade must be maintained for a minimum of four (4) feet beyond the outside perimeter of the pool, other than an outdoor spa, which shall have no finished grade requirement. All ladders, steps, pool pump/filter equipment or other means of access shall be removed and/or designed to prevent access when the pool is unattended.

Pool decks must comply with the setback requirements of the underlying zoning district and must have frost-protected footings, EXCEPT when the decking is detached from the residence and not part of the means of egress from the residence.  In that circumstance, the deck can have footings placed on non-organic material at a uniform depth below grade.

Please contact the Department of Public Works at (920) 693-8181 if you have questions regarding pool and deck requirements.

Pools and Pool Decks Ordinance (PDF)
Pool & Pool Deck Permit Application (PDF)
Pool and Pool Deck Regulations (PDF)