The Village Board on November 19, 2019, approved the Village’s five-year Capital Improvement Plan 2020-2025 (CIP.)  A CIP is a financial planning document that helps identify projects and priorities for investment in streets, parks, vehicles, equipment, technology, and more.  It guides Board and staff decisions for resource allocations throughout the year.  The CIP will be reviewed as needed, with a target to review it at least annually.  The most recent update was adopted by the Village Board on July 19, 2022: 2023-2028 update (tables only).

The most recent financial reports for the Village are provided below:

Audited Financial Statement 2021  (annual financial statement audited by Corson, Peterson & Hamann)
PSC Annual Report 2022  (Water Utility’s annual report to the Public Service Commission)
Year 2023 Budget (all funds)
Year 2024 Budget (draft)