Ordinances – 2021

2021-O-01.  Police Review Commissioner

[Creates the position of Police Review Commissioner]

2021-O-02.  An Ordinance to Amend Permitted Uses in the B-1 General Business District

[Add “Municipal and public safety buildings owned and operated by the village or an organization authorized by the village” as permitted uses]

2021-O-03.  Zoning Ordinance Amendment – B-1 General Business District

[Rezone the Cleveland Fire Department property at 1274 W. Washington Ave. to B-1]

2021-O-04.  Chief of Police Appointment

[Update ordinances to remove references to the Police Commission]

2021-O-05.  Correction of Ordinance No. 2021-O-04

[Correction to restore a code section inadvertently removed under Ord. 2021-O-04]