Ordinances – 2023

2023-O-01 Amending Section 1-1-8 Deposit Schedule 

2023-O-02 Cul-de-Sacs and Dead-End Streets 

2023-O-03 Heavy Truck Routes 

2023-O-04 Zoning Ordinance Amendment – Rezoning: Philip and Donna Wiemerslage

2023-O-05 Amend Permitted Uses in the B-2 Special Business District 

2023-O-06 20-Year Comprehensive Plan Amendment: Philip and Donna Wiemerslage

2023-O-07 Amend Permitted Uses in the I-1 Industrial District 

2023-O-08 Amend Sec. 6-1-6 Lawn and Yard Maintenance 

2023-O-09 Zoning Ordinance Amendment – Rezoning DGI-Cleveland LLC, Applicant; Frank J Forner, Owner

2023-O-10 Annexation Ordinance – Mark E Leistickow Revocable Trust.  (Leistickow Annexation Map)