Cleveland Fire Dept Annual Meeting – 02/07/22


The Cleveland Fire Department is holding its Annual Meeting at 7:30 PM on Monday, February 7, 2022, at the Cleveland Fire Station, 1274 W Washington Ave, Cleveland.

Village Board members may be in attendance to gather information and participate in discussion.  This may constitute a meeting of the Village Board pursuant to State ex rel Badke v. Greendale Village Bd., 173 Wis2d 553, 494 NW2d 408 (1993), although the Village Board will not take any formal action at this meeting.

Dated January 18, 2022
Stacy Grunwald, Clerk-Treasurer


Left outside the Village Hall sometime before 2:30pm on Sunday, November 21, 2021.  Present the matching shoe, and I can’t give you the kingdom or even Prince Charming, but I will give you its mate.


Leave a message at Village Hall for pickup.



Ordinances – 2021

2021-O-01.  Police Review Commissioner

[Creates the position of Police Review Commissioner]

2021-O-02.  An Ordinance to Amend Permitted Uses in the B-1 General Business District

[Add “Municipal and public safety buildings owned and operated by the village or an organization authorized by the village” as permitted uses]

2021-O-03.  Zoning Ordinance Amendment – B-1 General Business District

[Rezone the Cleveland Fire Department property at 1274 W. Washington Ave. to B-1]

2021-O-04.  Chief of Police Appointment

[Update ordinances to remove references to the Police Commission]

2021-O-05.  Correction of Ordinance No. 2021-O-04

[Correction to restore a code section inadvertently removed under Ord. 2021-O-04]

2021-O-06.  Zoning Ordinance Amendment – R-2 Single- and Two-Family Residential District and PUD Planned Unit Development District
Andrew and Jamie Williams

[Rezone two vacant lots located on the north side of W. Madison Ave., between 1158 W. Madison Ave. and 1105 N. Linden St.]

2021-O-07. Zoning Ordinance Amendment – R-2 Single- and Two-Family Residential District
Donald Bonde

[Rezone three vacant lots located on the north side of Meadowbrook Dr., east of Meadowbrook Ct.]


Resolutions – 2021 Qtr 3 and 4

2021-R-14.  Saxon Homestead Farm Certified Survey Map      [Approves a lot split to separate farm buildings from the agricultural land at 6111 Cleveland Rd.] 2021-R-15-PC.  Amendment to the Veterans Memorial Park Park Site Master Plan      [A Plan Commission recommendation … More