PARKS OF CLEVELAND (descriptions and maps)

Park Regulations

Looking to reserve a park pavilion or the VFW clubhouse?

All parks host occasional or ongoing events for which reservations are not required. You are encouraged to check with the Clerk’s office by emailing with the subject of “Park Availability” or by calling Village Hall at (920) 693-8181 to determine whether the park you are reserving will be used the same evening for regularly scheduled ball games or other events.

Park reservation fee and deposit

Total Fee Refundable
Resident $150 $100
Non-Resident $200 $100




Park Reservation Application (PDF)

VFW Clubhouse reservation fee and deposit

Total Fee Refundable
Per Day $300 $200
First Hour* $60 $40
Additional Hour* $20





*3 hour minimum, Monday through Thursday only

VFW Rental Application Form (PDF)


Plan on having a speaker, DJ, band or speaker system?

Amplifying Sound System Application